51 Gay Jargon Words You’ve Never Heard Before. Learn more about interest inventory and all of our writers on the about webpage.

51 Gay Jargon Words You’ve Never Heard Before. Learn more about interest inventory and all of our writers on the about webpage.

A lot of us know common jargon that is gay “kiki” or “trade, ” but do you actually ever notice of a “Lucky Pierre” a “Ring Snatcher? ” you may be one — and also you don’t have any idea for those who haven’t.

Assembled from dictionaries and glossaries featuring generations of queer slang from around the planet

the following are 50 uncommon or expressions being out-of-use you need to buy mind. “Over the connection to Pimpleton” we obtain.

1. Angel snacks (n. ) – homosexual male pilot at this time offering boating power.

2. container purchasing (v. ) – whenever touring or checking someone out, British phase relates to examining them regarding the affection’s private locations through her clothes.

3. overcome (adj. ) – remarkably wonderful or fantastic, “fabulous. ” instance: “Did you notice this lady from inside the club these days? That look was overcome. ”

4. Bulldagger (n. ) – a masculine female, directly linked to “butch lesbian. ” additionally see: “Diesel lesbian, ” label discussing female being queer seem like automobile drivers.

5. Chapstick lesbian (letter. ) – queer recognized woman that is athletic and sporty. The expression denotes that she’s the maybe not the kind to put on makeup products (ala a “lipstick lesbian”) and is also correct of a very looks that’s all-natural.

6. poultry (n. ) – a homosexual this is certainly young looking for elderly guys; discover also: poultry hawk, referring to a mature homosexual male to discover younger fans.

7. Cottaging (v. ) – Brit slang for creating typically community restrooms.

8. Donald Duck (letter. ) – a homosexual men this is certainly dishonorably circulated through Navy because of their gender; see moreover: “Dishonorable release, ” or masturbating solamente after wanting to pick anyone up-and weak.

9. Doris Day (letter. ) – 90s Southern slang that is african Gay satisfaction. Instance: “The gays will march on Sandy Springs escort Doris Day. ”

10. Eyeball king (n. ) – individual that derives delight from watching others indulge in sex.

11. Fanny bellhop (letter. ) – homosexual men used by the hospitality business, such as a concierge or a bellhop at a hotel.

12. Fish and chips (n. ) – pejorative 90s Uk slang for any spouse and kiddies of a married “heterosexual” partner.

13. Complete home (n. ) – term used to denote having more than one Sexually Transmitted disease at one time.

14. girl scout (n. ) – army people on leave, presently on the lookout for sex.

15. Grimm’s fairy (letter. ) – frequently utilized to describe a the aging process male which gay similar to “auntie”

16. Hetty (n. ) – reduced brand of the definition of “heterosexual, ” like “hetero” or “het. ”

17. Horatian (letter. ) – from the belated nineteenth 100 years, phase used at Oxford amongst Lord Byron together with his compatriots to a bisexual person; see also: “Gillette knife, ” writing on a bisexual girly.

18. Hoyden (letter. ) – slang from Britain around the millennium that will be 16th connect with an untameable, crazy woman and on occasion even a tomboy.

19. frozen dessert (letter. ) – some human anatomy so nice which you have the desire to eat all of them.

20. In sisters (n. ) – two effeminate gay men with an enchanting but non-sexual partnership, typically friends.

22. metal closet (page. ) – person in deep denial regarding their sexuality that will be very own who might don’t ever turn-out.

24. Lacy (adj. ) – useful to a truly effeminate homosexual men.

25. Lounge lizard (letter. ) – someone who frequents pubs, attempting to have other people’ friends.

26. Fortunate Pierre (letter. ) – the middleman in a Eiffel Tower.

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